Chartboost: Opportunity for developers on Sundays with low average bid prices, Wednesday is most popular day to launch iOS games

Cross-promotion network Chartboost revealed in its November Insights Report that Sundays is an opportunity that developers can take advantage of due to low average cost-per-click (CPC) bid prices and Wednesday is the most popular day to launch games on the Apple App Store since its updated on Thursdays.

This is Chartboost’s second Insights Report, which the company will be turning into a monthly report that will highlight data Chartboost finds interesting from the mobile game market. This month’s report focuses on “a week in the life of a mobile game launch” by revealing how bid prices, traffic and install rates vary each day of the week. In its first report in September, the cross-promotion service found that the most expensive places to advertise a mobile game are Canada and Australia.

For bid prices, Chartboost says bids are the lowest Monday through Wednesday. Bids coincidentally spike on Thursdays and stay high until Saturday when advertisers begin their weekend launch campaigns. Sundays drop down to normalcy, with low average bids for a weekend day, which presents an opportunity for developers to make more money on a day with the second highest ad impressions based on traffic.

Since bid prices are lower on Wednesday, it’s also the slowest on ad impressions, with eight percent less traffic than a normal day. At 14 percent more ad impression traffic than an average day, Saturdays are the busiest for the mobile game cross-promotion service.

Chartboost’s data shows that consumers are most likely to install and launch new games during the weekend, which makes that timeframe the best for CPC campaigns.

The data in the report is derived from 8,000 games in Chartboost’s network from August through October.