Charlottesville Newspaper Co-Opts President Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’

From North Korea to the University of Virginia's Rotunda

One reporter on staff with Charlottesville’s The Daily Progress joked that at least her paper today managed to spell “fury” correctly on the front page. A nod to Maine’s Kennebec Journal and an Aug. 9 double-R heard around the world.

Copy desk chief Mike Fox has proudly taken credit for today’s front-page work. It’s a politicized headline of the highest order, connecting statements made by President Trump earlier in the week in the direction of North Korea with a white nationalists’ march on a Virginia campus:

After the march, which began at UVa’s Nameless Field, reached the Rotunda, police later declared an unlawful assembly. Protesters and opponents alike reported being affected by pepper spray.

At the feet of a statue of Thomas Jefferson, fights began breaking out and some wielding tiki torches swung them at people. At least one person was arrested, and several people were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The Daily Progress has been owned, since 2012, by Berkshire Hathaway. Fox, via Twitter, is posting updates at press time about today’s events in Charlottesville and a central Unite the Right rally.

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