Atop Mulholland Drive, Reporter’s Assignment Starts With a Charlie Sheen Dotted Line

Even though Charlie Sheen has mercifully stopped making boastful “tiger blood” DNA claims, those three initials are still part of his Mulholland Drive gated community make-up. Only now, they’ve been re-arranged to spell NDA.

We know this because Karina Longworth leads off her fun house-call L.A. Weekly cover story with a reminder that celebs like Sheen are doing all they can to prevent a triggering of the TMZ coffers. With, in the reformed actor’s case, a little help from seasoned entertainment PR pro Larry Solters. From Longworth’s article:

I am intercepted in Sheen’s driveway by a security guard, a friendly, not-intimidatingly-large man who asks me to come with him into the garage to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
This is a first for me. I scan the five pages of legalese, in which the undersigned — me — is referred to as “the Employee.” To what extent, I wonder, will signing this document impede my ability to do my actual job of interviewing Sheen and his childhood friend, Roman Coppola, about their new movie, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III?

The answer, as laid out in the rest of the article, is not at all. Longworth left the full-time employ of L.A. Weekly at the end of last year to write a book about Meryl Streep. The January visit that forms the basis of the article must have, as such, felt even more surreal for an author buried in the life of our greatest living American film actress.
Longworth tells FishbowlLA the only other document of this nature she has ever willingly signed was a review-embargo agreement for the Joaquin Phoenix doc I’m Still Here.
L.A. Weekly cover photo credit: Kevin Scanlon

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.