The Charlie Sheen-Dan Patrick Show

That’s what actor Charlie Sheen suggested he and sports talk radio show host Dan Patrick start calling their budding, eye-popping collaboration this morning, after he called in unannounced to follow up his much talked about Monday appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.

There are now possibly plans for Dan and “the Danettes” to take their Super Bowl RV to Sheen’s backyard for a future remote broadcast (Sheen has already texted his approval of the idea). Separately, Patrick may help produce a taped “tell all” interview between Sheen and New York Yankee Nick Swisher. This morning, Sheen recounted the mother of all media interventions:

“Basically, Viacom showed up at my house and said, ‘Dude, it’s getting really obvious and we’re really worried about you. We don’t give a rat’s tooey about the show, we care about your health.’ So they came in and just said, man to man, we have to shut it down.

This is the only person in my life with the power to do this, and for that, I’m extremely grateful.”

Sheen said he has never been drunk or high on the Two and a Half Men set, but that a lack of sleep would lead him to do things like ask director Jamie Widdoes to move his mark closer to a piece of furniture. Just so he could lean on it and not fall down.

Sheen is working with a personal trainer to get back in shape and says he is due to report to set March 1st to begin taping four final 2010-2011 season shows. As Johnny Carson used to say: “Crazy, crazy stuff.”