Charlie Rubin: AMPTP Plays Directors Against WGA East


Law & Order: Criminal Intent writer and WGA East member Charlie Rubin and Nikki Finke and Dean Valentine joined Steve Roberts to discuss the writer’s strike on The Diane Rehm Show. Some highlights:

Nikki Finke noted that the networks are buying up sites like MySpace with an endgame in mind. ”In three years time they are going to have a very advanced distribution system for the internet … and if the (writers) guild does not draw a line in the sand, they will not get (their fair share of digital revenues).

Charlie Rubin on the perceived divisions between the Director Guild of America and the WGA. ”The strike has brought us closer together. We’ve always been hurt by allowing the AMPTP to play us against each other. When we work together … then we will win big here.”

Nikki Finke predicts that by the end of January the WGA and the studios will strike a bargain, then, somewhere down the line, the screen actors guild and the WGA will get together and finally, Finke concluded, ”everything will change.”