Charlie Rose Tech Summit Fizzles

Social mountaineer Charlie Rose, no stranger to the alpine heights of the media-business nexus, hosted this morning’s groundbreaking summit between Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer and Cisco’s CEO and Chairman John Chambers. It was the first time the two titans shared the stage in such a grand manner — as their corporate press releases didn’t hesitate to remind us, ad nauseum — so we rather expected Rose to work his magic mojo with a particularly muscular robustness.

Unfortunately, the consensus is that Charlie came up with nada. Rose, fishing, at one point tried to get Ballmer to bite as to whether or not Microsoft was interested in acquiring Yahoo. Ballmer responded, “If we were, I wouldn’t tell you and if we weren’t, I wouldn’t tell you.”

Has Charlie Rose lost his magic touch?

— Ron Mwangaguhunga

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