Charlie Rose: I’m Written About All The Time, No One Calls to Fact Check


An hour before accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award in Broadcast Journalism at the Savannah Film Festival, Charlie Rose spoke with Jim Morekis at Connect Savannah. Answering a question on what societal trends have hurt journalism, Rose answers:

”I’m written about all the time and nobody calls me to ask me. They’ll make a statement about you — ‘Charlie Rose did this because’ — without saying A) did you do it, and B) did you do it for this reason? The courtesy and the respect and the sense of accuracy and the level of competence bothers me more than any issue of diffusion between news and entertainment.

”A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and we have a producer who’s not doing the research and who is giving me facts that aren’t right, that’s a problem.”

(image via hartford)