Changing of the Guard at AdWeek

Alison Fahey.jpgAdweek, which we like to peruse for news on the creative/design side of the advertising world, has just announced that veteran Adweek editor Alison Fahey (pictured at left) has been promoted to publisher/editorial director for the brand. Fahey, in turn, has tapped journalist Mike Chapman to succeed her as the editor of Adweek. In other Adweek news, today Brian Morrissey writes about the redesigned Got Milk? website, which is worth a look. If the site’s to be believed, milk is produced in some sort of glacial factory staffed by animals wearing gym clothes. The “Got Milk?” folks also have your Mother’s Day gift taken care of: among the site’s “Jug Crafts” are printable PDF instructions for transforming that empty milk container into “an Everlasting Mother’s Day Bouquet.” But don’t look for jug florists in American Craft anytime soon.