Changes Coming to Businessweek

New editor Ellen Pollock has some good ideas.

Ellen Pollock, the relatively new editor of Businessweek, is ready to make it her own. In an interview with Politico, Pollock—who took over in October—expressed a desire to changes things up.

One of Pollock’s goals is to make the magazine’s feature stories more diverse. That’s not surprising, as she’s the first female editor in the magazine’s 86 year history.

“At the end of our first year, I’d bet you’ll see more women on the cover, although don’t hold that to me,” said Pollock. “I’d also like to do some more international covers.”

“I think it’s important that we broaden our audience and bring in younger readers; appeal to women readers,” continued Pollock. “I feel like we have to move with our readers and that should be part of our evolution.”