Censoring Images of Lindsay Lohan & Kate Upton Just Makes Us Want to Look

We had zero interest in the latest gunplay-themed photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan until we heard photographer Terry Richardson had, without explanation, suddenly deleted the photos from his Tumblr blog. If this was an intentional bit of media manipulation, it seems to be working. Richardson’s removal of the pictures is generating far more press than the pics themselves did.

Ditto for Richardson’s new video of model Kate Upton. YouTube banned the behind-the-scenes look at Upton’s recent shoot for GQ magazine, presumably because of the horror that is the female nipple. So of course we had to watch it. And it’s pretty damn tame, as you can see below. Not that Richardson should mind his work being removed from the site. The last time YouTube banned a Richardson/Upton video, the resulting publicity helped the “Cat Daddy” dance go viral, and god help us if we aren’t still watching it.