Cenk Uyger is the Most Popular Person in the World, Just Ask Him!

Cenk Uyger is the most popular person in media. Say who? Cenk Uyger, of course. And who would dare question Cenk Uyger?

For purposes of clarity, I should first explain who Cenk Uyger is. He used to have a show on MSNBC and was so popular he was replaced by Al Sharpton. I guess MSNBC didn’t want someone so popular on their network. He then went to Current TV (it’s a network on some cable systems), where, since their sale to Al Jazeera, Cenk’s fate remains in flux.

Fear not for Cenk and his “Young Turks” empire, someone as popular as he is will have no problem landing on his feet. So popular, in fact, that he has spent time lately telling the world just how wildly popular he is. Of course, this crusade doesn’t burden those who really are wildly popular because, well, they’re wildly popular and don’t feel the need to prove it.

That’s why it was so curious when Cenk recently blew a gasket about The Daily Caller’s intrepid blogger Jim Treacher on his wild popularity.

Cenk claimed he and the “Young Turks” have more listeners than talk radio king Rush Limbaugh and “almost any cable news show on TV.”

How could a guy with a show on Current TV, probably about to be out of a job, be more popular than the most listened to talk radio show host in the world? According to Cenk, it’s the magic of YouTube.

The Young Turks isn’t just a show no one watches on Current TV, it’s also a popular YouTube show…which is kind of like being the tallest midget.

Sure, there’s money to be made on YouTube (those annoying ads aren’t there for fun), but to claim you’re more popular than someone with anywhere between 14.5 and 20 million listeners per week and on more than 600 radio stations nationwide because your videos get “hits” is, quite simply, stupid. Almost as stupid as the claim of having more viewers than “almost any cable news show on TV.”

Which brings us, naturally, back to Cenk.

Cenk claims to have 15 million unique viewers per month (on YouTube, not Current TV). He claims that’s more than the low-end of Limbaugh’s estimated audience of 14.5 million.

Treacher said as much on Twitter. Cenk couldn’t let it go and went off on Treach and went so far as to make a YouTube video about it. Because that’s what someone who is wildly popular does, right?

Two years ago I saw Cenk at Tammy Haddad’s infamous White House Correspondents Dinner brunch. Then watched him stand, unbothered, with someone I assume was his wife, for 15 minutes before he left. The wildly popular are rarely left to their thoughts (he and his companion weren’t talking, just standing there. A group of us mocked the then-MSNBC host’s “desperate to be noticed” peacocking that didn’t work).

Just out of curiosity, I went to The Young Turk’s YouTube page to see what their most popular videos are. Surely, someone more popular than most cable news shows would have serious topics as their most viewed videos. Nope.

Here’s a list of the most popular Young Turk videos:

1 Woman Orgasms 300 Times a Day (25 million views)
2 Hot Teacher in Trouble for Being Too Hot (13 million views)
3 Woman Shows Face After Chimp Attack (12 million views)
4 Vicious Girl Fight in the Bathroom (6 million views)
5 Lady Gaga – Alejandro Video Controversy (6 million views)
6 Ashley Dupre in Talks To Getting (sic) On Reality TV (6 million views)
7 What Are Chicken Nuggest Made Of? (6 million views)