Cell Phone Companies Should Consider the MagicJack Femtocell a Win-Win

Remember the femtocell (a device that extends cell coverage for phones) from MagicJack that I noted last week?

Can MagicJack Beat AT&T to Launch a Femtocell Product?

Well, despite the negative sounding ComputerWorld aritlce title…

MagicJack home cellular service could spark legal battle

…the legal and policy experts quoted in the article seem to think that the MagicJack femtocell device and service ($20 per year) will…

– …have no problem getting approved by the FCC (according to an FCC spokesman)
– …be able to avoid being pursued legally for using cellular frequencies assigned to, for example, AT&T and T-Mobile. They will be able to do this because the MagicJack femtocell can be adjusted to dial down its operating radius to within the confines of a home

If the cell carriers think it through correctly, they will leave MagicJack and its femtocell alone. After all, it will reduce unhappy customer complaints and churn. Sounds like a win-win to me.