CBS’s Bob Schieffer on Love of Washington and ‘Face the Nation’ in Arrive Magazine

SchiefferIn anticipation of CBS’s “Face the Nation” hitting 60 years on air this November, Bob Schieffer talks his love of Washington and as host of CBS’s Sunday morning program in the latest issue of Amtrak’s Arrive magazine.

“You just cannot escape the feeling that you’re in a place where history is being made,” says Schieffer on page 128 of the magazine. “Washington today is what Rome was when it was the capital of the known world.”

Schieffer says that while someday he’ll retire, it’s not anytime soon.

“Why would I want to quit? It’s fun…I love doing it. I can’t wait to get to work everyday,” Schieffer told Arrive.

Check it out online here or in print the next time you’re riding Amtrak.