CBS Sued for Broadcasting Man’s Penis Surgery

Tyler Bowling, 21, of Minneapolis, is suing producers of the CBS reality show “The Doctors” for broadcasting his penis surgery on television. Bowling claims he flew to Los Angeles to have “pearly penile pauples” removed from his junk. His surgeon told him he could get the $4,500 surgery for free if he agreed to “discuss” the procedure on “The Doctors.” Bowling says he was subsequently tricked by producers into talking about his bumpy penis in front of a live studio audience. CBS then broadcast the interview and clips of Bowling’s surgery without his consent.

From Courthouse News Service:

After a few minutes of describing his condition, Bowling says he “froze and didn’t know what to do when the show’s host read” the following letter, claiming Bowling had written it.

“Dear Doctors,” the letter stated, “I’m so embarrassed to ask you this, but I’ve had these white pimples on my penis for a long time. I went to my doctor and he told me they were perfectly normal so I should just forget about them … but I’m so embarrassed. Have you ever heard of this? Is there anything I can do to get rid of them? Please help! Tyler, Minneapolis, MN.”

The episode shows Bowling discussing his condition with the show’s hosts, leaving for his surgery, and returning to report it a success. Bowling claims production company Stage 29 rebroadcast the episode and posted it on YouTube without his permission.

We here at FBLA hate cliches. Especially cliches like “Only in Los Angeles” that make us sound like bumpkins from Alabama. But seriously, this time, only in Los Angeles.

H/T THR, Esq.