Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Riding a Roomba Scores Big on YouTube

Ryan Higa, PewDiePie Among Web creators topping Adweek/VidIQ's debut chart

Big Adweek/VideoWatch news! Through a partnership with VidIQ, a company that helps creators and brands build their YouTube audiences—and is sitting on loads of data—we're presenting our first of two cool weekly charts. The first is aimed at tracking the Web shows/creators that really stand out in a given week on YouTube. The second tracks the advertiser-produced videos that get viewed, shared and spread across the Web. 

A few notes:

-There's no official Web series category on YouTube. We tried to strip out things like music videos, movie trailers, and video content tied to offline media like TV shows. What we're aiming for with the first chart is to capture the original, born-on-the-Web content that is resonating on YouTube. 

-You'll notice, there's no NCIS or Big Bang Theory-type stuff here. If you're old, you probably won't like that. But YouTube stars like Ryan Higa (whose 'movie trailer' for Naruto the Movie, has nearly 7 million views) and The Fine Bros. are a big deal. 

-VidIQ's unique data set allows the company to rank videos based not just on views (although that is important) but also on sharing across social media—a far better indicator of what is engaging Web viewers.

-The brand chart is more self explanatory. This week, the awesome "Football on Your Phone" clip from DirecTV featuring rapping Manning brothers really took off. 

-Let us know what you think. This is a work in progress. Thanks again to VidIQ.