Casual Connect: Sometrics’ Launches “Missions” System

Game Coins by Sometrics today launched a new missions system here at Casual Connect.  The service incentivizes users to play certain games by giving them specific in-game missions that give them free Game Coins.  The missions would be something like “achieve level 20 and get 20 free Game Coins”, and the currency is usable in various games across the Game Coins network.

So far, has a mission completion of 86%, meaning that when people start these missions, they almost always complete them.  98% of those completions are first time users of the game, meaning that the missions are great incentives for playesr to try playing new games.  There are additional incentives to players, such as getting coins for posting their progress on Facebook and share the Game Coins situation.  More than 50% of players are using these additional incentives as well.

"Our early success with has been an exciting development in game marketing and has helped get new users engaged with the right game for them," said Luis Ongil, Managing Director Americas, GameDuell. "When Sometrics approached us with the mission concept, we realized we could fill a need that we have been looking for with user acquisition. We are certainly looking forward to doing many additional missions on" has introduced the mission system with partners including GameDuell, Atlus Online, IMVU, GamersFirst, LOLapps, NHN and 5th Planet Games.  Several other online game publishers are currently utilizing missions as well.

"With mission-based offers, gamers can easily reap rewards simply by doing what they love, playing games" said Ian Swanson, founder and CEO of Sometrics. "With, we are helping publishers monetize their products and find new, dedicated players who might never have found their games without participating in the missions. It’s a great way to increase user acquisitions and revenues."