Castle Builders Releases New Kids Interactive Book App

Lazy Town, a kid’s show on ABC, has just gotten a new iPad app.

LazyTown’s Friends Forever BooClip brings several favorite characters to life in a new story based around heroine Stephanie creating a new playground for her friends. “She even has a prize – a ticket to Sportacus’s airship for the first one to complete all the activities. Catching wind of the play park, Robbie creates a spinning cup attraction that soon lures all the kids except Stephanie away from the play park. He baits them with the promise that they can all have tickets to the airship, but his are actually fake. While he works to deflate the airship from a above, Stephanie faces a crisis from below when the kids find that the cup just won’t stop spinning. Though disappointed that they abandoned her, she remembers that friends help friends in times of need.”

The app is rich with features, including puzzles, coloring pages, ,sign language translation interactive animations, and synced narration of the story.

The app is $3 in iTunes.


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