Cast-Gate Reaches Cloture, Rogin “Humbled”

Late Thursday, CQ‘s Josh Rogin’s campaign to raise public awareness of Washington DC taxicab violence successfully reached its goal, by garnering the support of 60 United States Senators, in a bi-partisan nation-wide alliance united around a common cause.

In a “ceremony” in the Capitol building, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) became the 60th Senator to sign the cast on the arm Rogin broke after he was hit by a local cab driver a month ago. Rogin says that since the incident, “the outpouring of support from both the government and the community at large has been nothing short of humbling.”

“I always wanted to be the 60th vote on something,” McConnell joked as he pushed the cast to its goal of building a true bi-partisan filibuster proof super majority. McConnell’s action came in the nick of time, as the cast gets removed (“finally,” Rogin says) on July 27th.

“Cast-Gate may be over, but the movement lives on. In the end, I realized that this was never about my personal story, it was always about the issue, namely what kind of crosswalks do we want to leave for our children,” Rogin tells FBDC.

The case of his ticket for “reckless walking” goes to the courts in August. We’ll of course stay tuned…