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A look inside our five most popular stories this week:

A look inside our five most popular stories this week:

The National Magazine Award and Guantánamo: A Tall Tale Gets the Prize—a feature by Adweek news editor Alex Koppelman which argued that Scott Horton's Harper's story about three detainees' deaths doesn't hold up—sparked a lengthy, thought-provoking conversation online. With 25 reader comments, more than 200 tweets and over 22,000 page views, the feature leads this week’s list.

Smooth Operators: Mobile Shops follows Guantánamo with nearly 10,000 page views and 227 “likes” on Facebook. The feature, which introduced agencies devoted exclusively to mobile advertising—a hot topic for marketers—was also shared around the Web.

And for this week's dose of political controversy? MSNBC Suspends Ed Schultz for Calling Laura Ingraham a 'Right-Wing Slut' sure got readers voicing strong opinions. The comments alone make a fun read.

Babies are generally super cute, especially in diaper commercials. When Adweek chose Pampers' tear-jerking commercial "Miracle" as its Ad of the Day, it was the topic of 500 tweets and garnered just as many Facebook “likes” and “Awws.”

Another mobile feature wraps up this week’s list. The Secret World of Apps was mentioned on Twitter more than 200 times. The story contends that Apple’s approval process is a long journey for developers.