Case study: Facebook mobile install ads take app from No. 253 to No. 5 in App Store

Facebook advertising company Nanigans ran a Facebook mobile campaign for an e-commerce app developer during the holidays, moving the app’s rank in the Apple Store from the mid-200s to the top 10 in its category, with the use of Facebook’s mobile app install ads.

Within a 10-day campaign period leading up to the holidays, the app moved more than 200 spots from No. 253 spot before the campaign to the No. 5 spot. Nanigans found an average clickthrough rate of 0.74 percent, reaching as high as 1.5 percent in core segments. The ad delivered more than 32.5 million impressions, with more than 8.5 million in one day. In total, the campaign cost $325,000, with daily spend surpassing $90,000 on multiple days.

Facebook first announced its mobile app install ads coming out of beta in October 2012 for iOS and Android developers that have integrated Facebook into their apps. The ads allow developers to promote their native mobile apps through Facebook’s mobile News Feed, featuring an ad design with a “Install Now” call to action that brings the user to an app’s landing page in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

As a result of Nanigans’ campaign, the ecommerce app acquired more than 24,300 new installs in 10 days, with some days reaching more than 4,500 installs. Install rates averaged 10.11 percent and were as high as 33.33 percent in core segments. The campaign ran at an average CPI that was within the app developer’s target range, and as low as $5.50 in core segments.

Nanigans, who handles Facebook advertising for more than 100 companies including Zynga, Kixeye and Kabam, said the app developer’s campaign targeted iOS-only users in the U.S. The campaign initially targeted the developer’s core audience of females over the age of 22, but extended the campaign reach to a larger audience, adding 900 unique segments that were created through a city-specific strategy coupled with broader age, gender and interest targeting.

Additionally, the advertiser optimized the campaign to reach audiences with low costs per click and who generated high install rates. The campaign achieved an average install rate of 10.11 percent, going as high as 33.33 percent in core segments. CPCs averaged $1.35, while going as low as $0.50 in core segments.

Another Facebook ad optimization company AdParlor recently shared some of its mobile app install ad results from a four-week campaign of an unnamed gaming company. The campaign garnered an average CTR of 0.5 percent and higher. AdParlor also took a peek at the average cost-per-install by region for an iOS RPG title, finding a range between $2.24 and $2.88.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, Inside Mobile Apps.