Cascada Mobile Makes App Dev a Breeze

Mobile application developers wanting their goodies to reach the billions of feature-phone users have a new option for creating, testing and distributing their J2ME apps.

After six months of beta testing, Cascada Mobile has launched Breeze, a mobile platform designed to make it easy for Web developers port existing apps or create new ones that work on hundreds of handset models, from lower-end feature phones through advanced touchscreen devices.

Breeze converts HTML, Javascript and CSS code into Java, which essentially lets an application run on numerous phone types without requiring device-specific versions. Developers using Breeze end up with a line of code they can post on a Web site. Visitors can then download the app by entering their cell phone number on the site.

The Breeze platform delivers the app via SMS, WAP or direct download. Also, developers can post their apps on the company’s portal.