CAS: Things of Interest That Were Seen and Photographed

Because we’re design focused around here, we thought we’d start with some interesting little bits we spotted yesterday at the show:

The biggest aesthetic trend we noticed was in door handles. It seems like every fifth car we’d run into, particularly with Fords and Chevys, we’d find a door handle that was flush against the door, not popping out at all. It looks great at first, then you’re a little weirded out by how it must function, but then you try it and all is right with the world because it works really well.


We also ran across strange speaker setups that looked possible factory-built. Like this one in a Mitsubishi Spyder, a subwoofer built right into the back seat:


And lastly, at every single brand’s area, there were these odd displays of what colors you could have your car in. Weird little spokes, simple swatches, etc. It was okay, but nothing you’d want to spend much time looking at. Then we got on Volkswagen‘s turf and they had done it perfectly. This cool, simple display using cans of spray paint:


Other than that, it was pretty much just a lot of cars.