Cary Tennis Gives Show-Biz Mom Free Advice, Talks Out of His Ass


Cary Tennis, in Salon, has a letter from
some unnamed show biz mom. And Cary thinks that letting the younger kid support the older brother (and probably the mom, and the mom’s boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s kids) is just ducky, and here’s his take:

All told, I must say that this story just warms my heart.

I will go to bed tonight secure in the knowledge that everything does not suck.

What a blessing!

Cary Tennis is either high or sub-normal–the by-ways of show biz are littered with the remains of children who supported their whole family, and then cracked up. Our take: declare yourself an emancipated minor, kid, and get a lawyer.

Or is this a clever ploy by E! to pump up excitement for House of Carters, the new reality show?

And since it’s Salon, the readers’ letters veer off into how to diagnose bi-polarity.