Carnegie Museum Makes Good on Super Bowl Bet, Prepares to Loan a Renior to the Milwaukee Art Museum

Every year it seems that the directors of major art museums in the two cities playing against each other in the Super Bowl have made good-natured wagers against one another based on the outcome of the game. We always write about them because they’re fun and it’s nice to see a museum be something other than stiff and somber for a change. However, we rarely hear any follow up on those wagers, finding out if the losing team’s hometown art museum really does lend one of their pieces to the winner. Well now we finally have an answer. The AP reports that the Milwaukee Art Museum will soon be receiving Renoir‘s “Bathers with Crab” from the Carnegie Museum of Art, loaned after the Packers beat the Steelers this past February. The painting will appear as part of the museum’s Impressionism: Masterworks on Paper, an exhibition set to open on October 14th that will run through early January.

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