Carlos Watson: CNN’s New ‘It’ Boy?

Is CNN really looking to make Carlos Watson one of their lead voices when it comes to politics?

Three sources with knowledge of the situation have confirmed that high-level executives are discussing how to expand Carlos Watson’s role at CNN post-Inside Politics. We heard that Watson may become “senior political analyst,” but that title already belongs to Bill Schneider and Jeff Greenfield is already “senior analyst.” What else could CNN have in mind or is Schneider/Greenfield about to get moved?

The potential move has other political analysts, both at CNN and out, up-in-arms–since within the business, Watson’s analysis (when he offers anything original at all) is considered so weak as to be laughable. Donna Brazile, one of at least several people who find their opinions parroted back on CNN after talking with Watson, is supposed to have said once: “I’m going to watch Carlos’s interview and see what I have to say today.”

“This guy knows so little about politics, it actually hurts to read,” one source wrote today.

“To expand his role would be a HUGE mistake,” another said. “He knows nothing about politics.”

His CNN bio has the ring of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none quality to it, sort of airy and varied. He offers “commentary and analysis of the most current events and trends.” (So what? He doesn’t analyze simply recent current events?)

Nevertheless, he appears to have strong backing at the highest levels of CNN management (think: highest levels), and he’s done a good job of, um, making sure he’s liked by the right people, our sources said.

Anyone have further details?

UPDATE: Complaints about Watson’s lack of political knowledge aren’t new.

> After the announcement of his new show last fall “Off Topic With Carlos Watson,” Gawker wished Watson would be devoured by wild boars.