Carl Hulse Will Spend Lots Of Money Tomorrow

From an email from Boehner press secretary Kevin Madden:

    Hey gang-

    Just a quick schedule update as a courtesy to all of you (the result of a friendly nudge from the wonderful Malia Rulon and equally wonderful Pam Brogan of Gannett):

    Here’s what I know about tomorrow’s schedule:

    As you will see below, there is a LOCATION CHANGE: the elections will take place at 1100 Longworth (as opposed to Cannon Caucus).
    The fun starts at 8 a.m.
    Here is the order of the balloting
    Conference Chair
    Policy Chair
    Vice Chair
    Conference Secretary
    NRCC chair

    I won’t venture a guess on how long it will all take. I will see you guys over there and endure the stakeout right alongside you. I will be offering expert predictions and impressive analysis while alternately badmouthing John Scofield, as per my usual.

    Rumor is that Carl Hulse is buying everyone lunch.