Carl Cannon Hearts Mike Allen

Perhaps it’s because their names both end in “n”. But the kissing up from Politics Daily’s Carl Cannon to Politico’s Mike Allen in a recent e-mail dispatch about Politics Daily stories of the day was most entertaining, but maybe sickening to some this early in the morning.

“Good morning. I know it’s Saturday, but if Mike Allen works every day, I guess we have to as well. Here’s what’s fresh on our pages.”

We’ve heard this before. Mike Allen works every day, he doesn’t sleep and he can Blackberry in his sleep — all of which may be true or urban legend.

Here’s a vignette we found on Allen that speaks
to his legendary status. No word, however, on if he sleeps standing up with a notebook.

“According to the legend that has grown up around Mike Allen, he was once hit by a car (or a bus) while dashing to (or from) a courthouse in Richmond, suffered a broken arm (or leg, or no major injuries at all), and continued on to either a pay phone to dictate his story, or back to the newsroom to write it himself, before seeking medical attention (or not).”

Allen purportedly does not often speak about the incident.

Perhaps Allen sleeps, after all. This morning Allen did not appear on MSNBC “Morning Joe’s” “Political Playbook” feature — Politico’s Andy Barr was there instead.