Caption This

A prayerful Hazy from MSNBC’s “Up With Chris Hayes” this weekend. Come on caption writers, we know you’re out there. We’ll start out with one caption sent in by a reader and add more throughout the day.

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“I pray more than the four people who are watching this crap.”

“Please God, don’t let puberty affect my singing voice.”

“This is the difference between the number of viewers and the number of panelists on the show. They’re even now, so we’re making progress.”

“Ever played hide the steeple?”

“Please don’t let me go before the metamorphosis to Rachel Maddow is complete.”

“Please send more viewers to their TVs to watch this show, even if they
are hungover from having a fun, cool night and the kind of people who
used to shove me in lockers all the way through high school.”

“Help me Obi-wan Olbermann. You’re my only hope.”

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