Caption This

Today we’re asking you to come up with a caption for this sinister photograph of MSNBC’s Chris Hayes of “Up With Chris Hayes.” This was Hayes’ look as he subbed for Lawrence O’Donnell last night. We know he looks a little frightening, and as one reader put it, like he’s “looking down on the unwashed masses.” But humor us with this and we’ll run the best captions.

We start off with this caption from an anonymous journalist. We’ll add more as the day wears on. Send to or to All entries are anonymous unless you instruct otherwise. As always, keep it clean (relatively).

“Look into my eyes.”

Hayes, seen here in the reflection of a girls locker room window, is wanted for questioning.

Moments later this sinister look turned to turned to disappointment when the realization set in that even if he had “The Force,” he was on MSNBC, so there was no one watching to control.

It puts the lotion in the basket [a repeat, yes, but reader assures it still fits]

Welcome To Another Edition of ‘To Catch A Predator, Boyband Edition’

“Hmm — I wonder what Ezzy and Annie are doing while I’m on their television screen.”

Hayes, 11, Demonstrating His Patented ‘Nerd Steel’ Gaze

“Does my mean face make me look less Rachel Maddow-ish?”

“Can you believe my wife gets turned on by this? Me neither.”

“Seriously! I’m not Rachel Maddow.”