Captain D Takes It To Another Level!

Okay, away from the celebrities for a bit, but please, let’s stay with the silly for just this moment (we promise to return to the somber news-gathering organization you depend on us to be starting first thing tomorrow). By way of Chris Glass, we learned that Captain D’s, a Red Lobster-like restaurant chain, has just announced that they’re changing their logo. The fun thing is that it just went from bland to, well, actually somewhat better. The colors aren’t as sullen, the fish does look happy with its “Est. 1969” tattoo, and even the new typeface is fun. Here’s some from the press release:

“We believe our new logo represents our seafood expertise, fun and authentic, underpinned by high quality and value,” said Bob Kendzior, Captain D’s chief marketing officer. “The unique logo colors communicate tradition, freshness and warmth. The phrase ‘seafood kitchen’ is noteworthy as well — supporting our goal to be a welcoming kitchen where an evolving, contemporary menu keeps delighting our customers.”

Just a quick aside. We know that all press releases sound like this, but if you’re at all familiar with Nation’s Restaurant News, a magazine about the industry, you’ll kind of recognize that extra weird way that restaurant people talk. It’s just like taking that very bland, buzzword-centric corporate-speak and bumping it up a notch. Maybe it’s just us, but we enjoy it.