Capitol Hill Reporters Take Note: Rep. Issa Has a ‘Mini-Me’ Flack

A profile in today’s NYT by Mark Leibovich reveals that Rep. Darrell Issa has a “Mini-Me” and it’s his press secretary, Kurt Bardella.
The relevant excerpt:
The boom in cable and online media has created a bottomless need for the gusher of news releases issued by Mr. Issa’s irrepressible spokesman and Mini-Me, Kurt Bardella.
“There is an expression here on Capitol Hill,” Mr. Issa said. “‘Don’t ever get between a member and a camera.’ “That can be particularly harrowing in the case of Mr. Issa, who recently purchased a T-shirt for Mr. Bardella that said, “It’s all about me.” (This implies that Mr. Issa’s spokesman holds the seminal job in the office, or that the nation’s governance is, in fact, all about “me,” meaning Mr. Issa.)
Read the entire profile here.