Capital New York Looks at Incoming Daily News Editor

Here’s a little recommended reading for anyone who isn’t busy looking for more angles on the Wikileaks revolution in media: Tom McGeveran of Capital New York today offers a deep dive into the career and sensibilities of incoming New York Daily News editor in chief Kevin Convey.

McGeveran tackles the New York Post‘s Keith Kelly’s assertion that Convey’s arrival could precipitate staff cuts at the Daily News. He also engages in a pop-anthropological assessment of class demography in cities like Boston and New York and the success or failure of tabloid journalism. He also talks about the “Micks With Dicks” era at the Herald, which Convey left to join the News. Anyway, check it out. In addition to providing good background on a major editorial shift at a New York daily, it also gives a good indication of what McGeveran wants to do with Capital — create fun, exposition-laden pieces related to news that had already escaped much of the blogosphere’s short memory.