Candy Pratts Price on and Substance: ‘We Run It Like a Magazine’

“To be editorial” is how Candy Pratts Price (pictured at left) describes the mission of, the ever-evolving online fashion destination that she has presided over since 2001. “Our role is to be a magazine on the Web,” Pratts Price told us during an in-depth interview during New York Fashion Week. “We do have content. We have an editorial staff. We do generate our own portfolios. We shoot.”

Of course, is also known for its encyclopedic collections coverage, which recently expanded to include designers’ lucrative but lower profile resort and pre-fall lines. But does a lot of clicks translate into success at retail? “I think that everybody who is designing fundamentally wants is attention. More attention means more brand awareness. More brand awareness means more people who go to the store and says, ‘Oh, that’s by Thakoon, I read all about him,'” said Pratts Price. “I think that there are lots of ways that this works. It’s maybe not as ching-ching right away, but it definitely builds an awareness, a familiarity. It’s a TV commercial. It’s television. You know, there are three monitors in this world right now: on your cell phone, your television, and your computer. You’ve got to deliver that message.”

Want more Candy? Check out our full interview with her on and don’t miss her (literally) animated dispatches from BeDazzler-obsessed Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, India. Asks Pratts Price, “Where else can you walk in lime green—head to toe, during the day—and still look fantastic?”