Can Your Firm's System Administrator Remotely Wipe Your Personal Smartphone? Yes, If…

You’ve probably heard of the ability for system administrator to perform a “remote wipe” of a smartphone that is lost or stolen. This renders the device unusable. But, did you know that a remote wipe can be performed on your personal phone if you set it up to synchronize with your firm’s Microsoft Exchange server? This is not a widely known effect of opting in to your firm’s server to get email, calendar information, and contacts. NPR reports on one person who learned this the hard way when her firm’s system administrator accidentally sent the remote wipe signal to personal iPhone.

Wipeout: When Your Company Kills Your iPhone

If you sync your smartphone with your firm’s Microsoft Exchange Server for email, contacts, and calendar information, you might want to check with your system administrator to learn or establish notification policies for remotely wiping a personal smartphone.