Can Reddit Host the World’s Biggest Secret Santa Gift Exchange?

The reddit Secret Santa has quickly become one of the most popular moments in time for many reddit users, and this year's Secret Santa looks to build on the success of the past two years. Participants could even find themselves on the receiving end of gifts this season from some surprise "celebrity" participants.

On November 1st, reddit announced its third annual online Secret Santa Gift Exchange. The unique but spirited program, started by the spirited group redditgifts, was a holiday success last year with over 17,000 Secret Santas in 90 different countries across the globe.

Sign-ups for this year’s Secret Santa Gift Exchange began November 1st and will continue until November 25th. Secret Santas are then paired up and are encouraged to use their best online searching skills to discover and choose the best present to send by December 12th. “When participants receive their present they will post photos and videos to redditgifts to be enjoyed by all,” says reddit press release.

“We have some really exciting stuff going on this year,” said Dan McComas, founder of redditgifts. “We are going for the official Guinness World Records title for The Largest Online Secret Santa Game!”

For obvious reasons, reddit’s Secret Santa Gift Exchange has become one of the most popular pastimes for many reddit users, and this year’s Secret Santa will hopefully build on the success of the past two years. Secret Santas might even find themselves on the receiving end of gifts from a surprise “celebrity” Secret Santa.

In an aim to spread goodwill and cheer across the world reddit is opening up the event to non-reddit users. They, too, will have a chance to join in on the merriment of gift giving. Usually, Secret Santas were required to have a reddit account prior to sign-ups, but this year non-reddit members will be given brand new accounts once they are registered to become a Secret Santa.

While the reddit Secret Santa is of an online nature, this season reddit is inviting local reddit communities to hold meetups on or around December 17th to share holiday cheer in person. Redditgifts plans to hold their own meetup on the 17th in San Francisco.

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