Future Google Employee Ends Caltech 26-Year Losing Streak

From the headline on down (“It’s Not Rocket Science, But it’s a Win for Caltech”), veteran LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke has tremendous fun with his coverage of a truly momentous local sporting event: the first victory by Caltech’s basketball team since Ronald Reagan was President.

By sinking a free throw with 3.3 seconds left, brainiac team member Ryan Elmquist (pictured) led his team to a 46-45 victory over Occidental College, causing school president Dr. Jean-Lou Chameau and other illustrious onlookers to go crazy:

Mike Edwards, a sophomore guard, was given a strong high five by another familiar face. “It was one of our Nobel Prize winners, and he [Dr. Robert Grubbs] was running around like we had just won a championship,” Edwards said. “I was like, wow.”

We’re not sure if they retire jerseys along with perfect ACT score test sheets at Caltech. But it would seem to FishbowlLA that this number 23 deserves to be memorialized for his relative Jordan-esque accomplishment.