Calling Out Sick? New Survey Reveals Wackiest Excuses Ever

I f you’ve ever called out sick for personal reasons unrelated to an illness, you’ll probably get a kick out of this story. Perhaps you said you were feeling under the weather. Or maybe you referenced a faux doctor’s appointment. Or maybe the dog ate your homework?

According to a new survey released by CareerBuilder, approximately 32 percent of survey participants have called in sick when they’re not truly sick and when they faked being ill, they certainly made up creative excuses!

As for the opposite scenario, 30 percent of employees have reportedly gone to work when they were sick in order to save their precious sick days for personal use when they’re feeling well and on top of their game.

Here are the top 10 excuses that caught our attention from the nearly 3,500 employees and 2,100 hiring managers responding to the survey from mid-August through early September.

Here we go:

1. Employee’s false teeth flew out the window while driving down the highway.

2. Employee’s favorite football team lost on Sunday so needed Monday to recover.

3. Employee was quitting smoking and was grouchy.

4. Employee said that someone glued her doors and windows shut so she couldn’t leave the house to come to work.

5. Employee bit her tongue and couldn’t talk.

6. Employee claimed a swarm of bees surrounded his vehicle and he couldn’t make it in.

7. Employee said the chemical in turkey made him fall asleep and he missed his shift.

8. Employee felt like he was so angry he was going to hurt someone if he came in.

9. Employee received a threatening phone call from the electric company and needed to report it to the FBI.

10.  Employee’s fake eye was falling out of its socket.