Calling All Managers: Conduct ‘Stay Interviews’ to Reduce Turnover

bossesSure, we all know about exit interviews. You know, the meeting between human resources and the employee who is about to leave the job.

As per a piece on recruiting forum, there’s a new concept for managers to consider: The “stay interview.”

Instead of waiting for an employee to leave to find out the reasons why they were unhappy (that is, if they’ll even reveal them), why not try to prevent turnover altogether and have a conversation while they’re still an active employee?

Per the piece, one approach to be proactive involves understanding why an employee stays in their job. It’s an informal one-on-one meeting to identify why they stay so management can reinforce these very same factors.

The piece points out:

“As part of the interview, managers can also ask the employee to identify any major ‘frustrators’ that have in the past made them, even for a moment consider leaving.

As part of the interview process you can also ask your key employees to have the courtesy to provide you with a heads-up whenever they find themselves returning a recruiter’s call.

Holding a stay interview with an employee has the highest predictive value because it is customized to the employee and it occurs before a decision to leave has been made.”

And on that note, we’ve always wondered why employers threw going away parties or luncheons to thank someone for their work when they’re on the way out. Why not appreciate them while they’re employees and conduct stay luncheons, too? Motivate, appreciate and recognize employees while they’re adding value as active, engaged workers.