Calling All Freelancers! New Site Connects Independent Contractors With Available Desks

video interviewIf you are working from home right now, you’re not alone. Well, technically you are alone but countless freelancers are doing it, too. How about a coffee shop? The local library? Our options are endless but when it comes to finding coworking space in an actual office, things can get expensive.

According to a piece by The New York Post, a new site has launched to connect freelancers with open desks. Consider deskcamping like Airbnb for freelance folks. It was launched in December and offers something a bit more unique for freelancers. Instead of having to rent office space by the month, the site lets companies rent free desks by the week or even by the day.

Here’s how it works: both the company and the solopreneur have to complete online profiles. Freelancers have to provide information on their business and outline their ideal working condition. Companies must share information about their noise level and office vibe.

Per the piece, it sounds like the site is still in beta and offered in New York but something tells us it won’t be long before other locations follow suit.

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