Call Your Friends For Free – Download MySpaceIM With Skype

MySpace have released new version of MySpaceIM. It is desktop app that lets you to communicate with your MySpace friends even more without visiting the site. Oh, yes, you can also receive different alerts, requests, comments instantly.MySpaceIM also isn’t beta anymore! What does it mean? It means that it has been tested by 1000 monkeys and results shows that everything (as far as they can tell) works just great! What about new features?

MySpace-Skype-LogoNow you can speak to your friends using MySpaceIM because now MySpace and Skype are best friends! And they are giving gifts to every user (remember – it’s Christmas time) – you can call to a phone within your own country for free. But remember to keep it short because you have only 10 minutes! Of course calls to friends IM are completely free and you can enjoy conversation instead of typing.

Did you know?

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