Call the Section HeFoHo

Erik Wemple digs up some dirt on some potential changes being floated around the Post:

  • Ditching the Health, Food, and Home sections, which currently run as separate broadsheet sections in the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday issues, respectively, of the Post.

  • Creating a new section that would encompass these three areas and would run at least three times per week.

  • Infusing the section with coverage of other lifestyle topics, most notably spirituality and parenting. These two areas, says Bennett, “don’t have a consistent home in the paper but…are very important to many readers.”

Wemple wonders whether (especially in light of the recent earnings loss) this decision to combine the three sections is a way to cut staff (“according to the Post staff directory, the three sections currently employ approximately 25 full-timers”).

Who knows, maybe in order to combine Health, Home and Food, they’ll just write articles about Healthy Foods to Eat in Your Home? That’s killing three birds with one stone. Even the vice president can’t do that.