California Assemblyman Proposes Tax On Weed

Marijuana is big business in California, estimated to be the state’s largest cash crop and a $14-billion industry. State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has proposed legislation that would make the drug legal and regulated in a manner similar to that of alcohol. Measure AB 390 would allow people over 21 to buy, sell, and posses pot. Of course the stoner vote is all sewn up. And as the (soon-to-be-defunct) SF Chronicle reports:

[The measure] has the backing of Betty Yee, who chairs the state Board of Equalization, which collects taxes in California. An analysis by the agency concluded the state would collect $1.3 billion a year from tax revenues and a $50-an-ounce levy on retail sales if marijuana were legal.

That’s one reason for us to support the measure. Here’s another we found in the LA Times:

Anti-drug groups are anything but amused by the idea of California collecting a windfall from the leafy herb that remains illegal under federal law.

“This would open another door in Pandora’s box,” said Calvina Fay, executive director of Save Our Society From Drugs. “Legalizing drugs like this would create a whole new set of costs for society.”

Not only did the misguided Ms. Fay use the Pandora’s box metaphor- which we hate, for obvious reasons- she misused it. The box doesn’t have doors. Is this is what sobriety does to a person, we’re happy to stay stoned.