Calderone to Leave Politico, Internal Memo Now Available

HuffPost is reporting that Politico’s media writer whiz Michael Calderone (whom we recently featured for the FishbowlDC interview) is leaving the publication for Yahoo News.

Congratulations to Calderone!

The scribe had no comment for FishbowlDC by press time, but if he weighs is on the matter, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.

“He is expected to leave Politico within a matter of weeks to join Yahoo News’ original content project, overseen by blogging editor Andrew Golis,” the site reports. “Chris Lehmann and “Cajun Boy” Brett Michael Dykes also recently joined the project. Calderone, who joined Politico from the New York Observer, has the rare distinction of being named both one of Keith Olbermann’s “Worst
Persons in the World” and one of Bill O’Reilly’s “pinheads.”

Calderone is among a number of journalists leaving the publication as of late that includes Pia Catton, Patrick O’Connor and Victoria McGrane.

Read the full story here.

UPDATE See internal memo from VandeHarris after the jump…

Michael Calderone, who has built a reputation as one of the top writers covering media and helped build POLITICO’s reputation along the way, is moving on….

He has an interesting job at a new venture being sponsored by Yahoo. The post will allow him to continue to draw on his deep expertise about the personalities and debates within modern media that was his signature here.

I imagine that those of us here will continue to be in Michael’s crosshairs…not a new experience for me, either before or during his time at POLITICO. I know first-hand that Michael is a dogged and fair-minded reporter, and I hear similar comments from journalistic colleagues all the time. We all wish him luck at Yahoo.

The media beat is critically important for us-a terrific opportunity for an energetic and creative reporter. We would welcome all ideas—either if you are interested for yourself, or have good thoughts on people we should be recruiting.

Please do let me know, or check in with Beth Frerking.


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