CalArts Promises Gnomes

CalArts’ annual End of the Year show always promises excellent graphic design work. This year, the galleries will be thrust open for a full week, with an opening night party this Thursday, May 11 that promises food, drinks, books, CDs, films, T-shirts, posters, animations, gnomes, trees, noise…

Wait, gnomes?

We were skeptical at first, but then we knew it must be true when we saw this in the driving directions:

“Pretend you are heading to Magic Mountain.”

That can only mean two things: gnomes and funnel cakes. CalArts, don’t let us down.

CalArts End of the Year Show
May 11 to May 19
Opening night: May 11, 7pm to 2am
Motion Show: May 11, 10pm

California Institute of the Arts
24700 McBean Pkwy
Valencia, CA 91355