Highland Park Cafe Turns Off Weekend Wi-Fi

A few days ago, we caught this item at Complex Magazine. Actor Nate Corddry, in conjunction with the Dec. 17th opening of family film Yogi Bear, was raving about his Los Angeles neighborhood cafe’s policy of turning OFF the free Wi-Fi access on weekends.

FishbowlLA followed up with Cafe de Leche on York Blvd. in Highland Park to find out what prompted this highly unusual move. Besides of course the radical concepts that it might lead people to get their news from a newspaper and their chat from the person sitting at the next table.

Rhode Island native Matt Schodorf runs the place with his wife, Anya. “We started turning Wi-Fi off a couple of weeks ago,” he tells FBLA. “Most of the reactions have been positive, some enthusiastically so. A couple of people have complained, including a bad Yelp review a few weeks back. Overall, we’re still trying it out and encourage people to let us know what they think.”

Count us, alongside Corddry, as a big fan of the idea. A weekend cafe free of, as the actor puts it, the next “Great American Indie Screenplay” is fine by us too, especially since free weekend Wi-Fi can still be had at the innumerable locations of the java joint named after Moby Dick.