Cable By The Numbers

According to reports released by ThinkProgress

2 to 1: Appearances by Republican congressmen on the cablers two weeks ago to discuss the House stimulus package as compared to their Democratic counterparts (51 Republican appearances, 26 Democrat)

75: Appearances by Democrats in week two of the stimulus debate, as compared to 41 Republicans

ThinkProgress tallied interview segments about the stimulus on CNBC, Fox Business, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC for three-day periods. Fox News had the closest balance in the first week of stimulus coverage, 8 Republican appearances and 6 Democrats, but in week two “fair and balanced” didn’t ring quite as true- 24 Republicans and only 11 Democrats on FNC.

Supposedly liberal, MSNBC favored Republicans in that first week of coverage 15 to 9, but in week two, MSNBC was the only cable network to host more Democratic members than Republican (17 Dems, 12 GOP).

What press Secretary Robert Gibbs has to say and growing FNC ratings after the jump…

And what does Gibbs have to say about the stimulus discussion on cable news? In a press gaggle yesterday on Air Force One, he said the public is in support of the stimulus bill, even though that’s not what’s being reported on cable (h/t Calderone).

But I mean, you know, I think David talked to you about where the public is on this and I think it’s illuminating because it may not necessarily be where cable television is on all of this. But, you know, we’re sort of used to that. We lost on cable television virtually every day last year. So, you know, there’s a conventional wisdom to what’s going on in America via Washington, and there’s the reality of what’s happening in America.

Also on the numbers, as reported on TVNewser, Fox News is posting stronger ratings with President Obama in office than during the end of President Bush’s time in office.