C6 Symposium: Mau & Company Promote Sustainability in Our Own Backyard


The good people at Inhabitat have some great coverage up a local event, the C6 Symposium here in Chicago, which just finished up on Saturday. In their post, they talk specifically about “the star-studded panel” which helped to close out the final day, featuring people like Bruce Mau and prefab designer, Jennifer Siegal. It’s a great batch of info, as they provide lengthy summaries of what each speaker had to say. Here’s the report on Mau:

Graphic designer, cultural trailblazer, and so much more, Mr. Mau is always a crowd-pleaser. The man behind the hefty tome S, M, L, XL and the call-to-action Massive Change exhibition, reminded the audience that “green is the new black” and “design is a force of a good.” His talk was an onslaught of inspirational design ideas — from a critique on crisis-focused global media to questioning why optimism is controversial, the importance of failure,”bringing sexy back” to green design, and the potential of the “massive change” mentality. We love Mr. Mau’s optimism and belief in design as a tool to shape the world in not just visual ways. Keeping with the uplifting tone, he ended his talk with a slide that asserted: “Our future will be more beautiful than our past.”