C-SPAN’s Scully Hits Milestone

A little birdy informs that today is a big, turning point birthday for C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, who looks at least a decade younger than his alleged age.

Birthday wishes to this delightful D.C. scribe.

Now, let’s take a look back at one of Scully’s earliest C-SPAN appearances from 1992 (he started working there in 1991). In the interview, he’s explaining C-SPAN’s Road to the White House coverage for the 1992 presidential campaign. It just so happens that this weekend C-SPAN starts its Road to the White House coverage for the 2012 presidential campaign — with Scully’s interview with Tim Pawlenty.  (airing on C-SPAN this Sunday at 6:30 pm).

Shameless plug, yes. But it is his birthday.

Watch the video here.