C-SPAN Reaches Full Geekdom

A new life goal for die hard C-SPAN watchers has arrived. C-SPAN will announce later today a new C-SPAN Badge for foursquare users.

By checking in at five of many pre-designated Washington, D.C. — locations where C-SPAN typically has or sends cameras to cover events, or otherwise are closely connected to national politics — foursquare users will unlock the C-SPAN badge. Checking in at key political sites across the country — such as in Iowa and New Hampshire, locations with early presidential campaign activities which C-SPAN covers– also will count toward earning the C-SPAN badge.

Hint for users eager to earn the badge: Many of these locations already have educational C-SPAN tips placed on foursquare. C-SPAN is in partnership with foursquare; the badge was designed by JESS3.