Bye Bye BlackBerry OS, Hello QNX!

2010 is shaping up as a year of reboots.

– Microsoft is attempting to reboot Windows Mobile as Windows Phone 7
– Nokia is trying to reboot their smartphone by moving from Symbian to MeeGo
– Palm and its webOS disappeared in 2010 but appears set for a reboot in 2011

Then, there’s RIM’s BlackBerry OS which appeared unstoppable a few years ago but is considered a bit stale compared to iPhone iOS and Android OS. So, is it any wonder than RIM is turning to a UNIX-like replacement platform (Android, MeeGo, and webOS are all Linux-based)?

RIM VP Confirms PlayBook QNX OS Will Replace BlackBerry OS

QNX OS is not exactly a new unproven platform. It dates back to 1982. RIM acquired the company behind it earlier this year. Since it is being used in RIM’s upcoming Playbook tablet, it makes sense to unify rather than fragment their mobile platform strategy. The question is: How long will this migration and move to unification take?